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Tea tree oil is a wonder working solution that works against a wide variety of skin ailments. This essential oil is a proven success against several skin problems that do not respond well to chemical treatments and medicines. The wonder of tea tree oil lies in its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight against common skin conditions to provide complete relief. From the aborigines of Australia, the rest of the world has learnt the natural way to fight their skin challenges like dandruff, acne, blisters and cuts, sunburns and a host of skin eruptions and infections.

Toenail fungus is a very common condition in many parts of the world. People complain that their toenails simply look shriveled and ugly. In fact, many people also observe that the toenail itself seems detached from the actual nail bed. This is a cause for discomfort, especially when wearing shoes. The nail looks unsightly and the skin around the area becomes rough, leading to a miserable feeling while walking. Some people mistake this fungal condition for ingrown toenails but doctors will tell you the facts.

The anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil make it a great cure for toenail fungus. Even the most stubborn fungal infections are cleared with the regular application of tea tree oil on the infected area. Complete relief is not immediate, but you are assured of some soothing within a few days. There is a specific way to apply the tea tree oil to give maximum effectiveness. But first, test on the inner arm for any allergy to tea tree oil.

For starters, you could take a cotton swab, drench it with 2-3 drops of undiluted tea tree oil and wipe the swab beneath the affected nail and all over the nail. Allow this to dry before you go to bed. Leave it on overnight everyday till the condition is completely cleared up. You could cover the oil-coated area with a plaster before you get into bed. The oil seeps into the nail and attacks the fungus. Very soon, you will see the nail growing afresh and healthy, without any fungus affecting it.

For more complex recipes, you could mix Vaseline and tea tree oil in equal measure and apply on the nail. Other ingredients could include apple cider vinegar, iodine and Vicks to be mixed with tea tree oil and applied. Remember that this is meant for external use only and not for consumption. Avoid using toenail polish during this time. Wash your hands after cleaning or after application of the remedy. Keep feet dry for maximum time. Wear cotton socks or avoid shoes. Do not pick at the affected region. Apply the remedial mixture twice daily for a few months (3-6 months) until you are sure that the problem is solved.

Tea tree oil is very gentle on the sensitive skin and does not cause any harmful side effects. Many people have avoided prescription pills and used tea tree oil to fight toenail fungus successfully.

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Tea Tree Oil Cure for Toenail Fungus

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