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Tea tree is famous for its cosmetic properties. Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is preferred over most other natural remedies for skin problems like acne, dandruff, athlete’s foot, yeast infection, sunburns and much more. Products like tea tree shampoo and soap are sought after for the medicinal properties of the tea tree. Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is an essential oil with a fresh fragrance, good for keeping the skin healthy and glowing. Not just skin, but the hair and scalp are also benefited by the soothing properties of tea tree. It is very good for the skin.

There are several other ingredients that act together with tea tree to protect the skin from infections and soothe irritated skin. Regular usage of the soap could fight bacteria keeping the skin free of acne. It is also good for healing minor to moderate cuts and bruises because this essential oil is a natural antiseptic. Bathing everyday with it is great for the skin. Fungal infections and bacterial infections are cleared quite fast when tea tree products are used to treat them. This is because tea tree oil is very effective against pathogens that try to harm the skin cells. Mostly, this natural skin care product is beneficial for people with any skin type, whether dry skin or oily.

Tea tree soap can be either bought off the market shelves or prepared at home. The handmade version is in demand at many beauty salons. Beauticians recommend its use because the skin cells are rejuvenated and stay problem-free. Most commercially available tea tree soaps today have a small percentage of tea tree oil, say 0.5%. While this is good for regular use, one can have a homemade soap which is more concentrated with Thursday Plantation tea tree oil. One more benefit of making your own soap is that you are safe from the harmful chemicals that many commercial brands of soap add to the product.

Most tea tree oil soaps have Vitamin E, plant oils like olive oil, palm oil or coconut oil, and tea tree oil along with some other minor ingredients.

It is difficult to make soap from scratch. But here is how you can easily make your own soap to use as liquid face wash or hand wash.

All you need to do is get some gentle liquid soap according to your skin type, with as few chemicals as possible. For every one cup of liquid soap, add about one and a half teaspoon of pure Thursday Plantation tea tree oil. Stir these contents together. Bottle the mixture and use as hand wash or face wash. This is how you can easily get good tea tree soap for daily use, without hunting everywhere for expensive commercial products.

Make your own tea tree soap with a good concentration of Thursday Plantation tea tree oil and stay away from chemicals while saving cash. Good skin is in, and with tea tree as your weapon against skin problems, there is nothing else you can do but win!

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Homemade Tea Tree Oil Soap