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The Australian wonder tea tree has always delighted its users with successful action against many skin problems. People everywhere vouch for the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties of this natural essential oil. Homemade recipes for reliving skin conditions often use Thursday Plantation tea tree oil in various quantities. It can be combined with other natural remedies like aloe Vera to soothe skin complaints without hassle.

When used with your regular shampoo, Thursday Platntation tea tree oil can work wonders for the scalp and hair. You can buy it pure or go to your chemist or beautician and buy tea tree soaps or shampoos for regular use. But if you have the time, you can work in your kitchen to come out with a good tea tree shampoo that keeps your skin free of fungal and bacterial infections.

Lice infestations and dandruff can be reduced by washing your hair and scalp with tea tree shampoo. Such shampoos also smoothen out rough hair for crowning glory you can be proud of! Unfortunately, tea tree oil shampoos and soaps can be expensive! Save cash and save your skin from harmful chemicals by preparing good quality shampoo at home in your leisure time. You need not worry about hunting all over town for fancy ingredients to make your own shampoo. Here is a simple recipe that you can try at home with good results.

What you will need is:

Thursday Plantation Tea tree oil: you can get buy tea tree oil online. Make sure you buy pure tea tree oil and not any combination of tea tree with other oils. Keep a small bottle handy for use at home.

Shampoo: it is better to go for unscented shampoo without many chemicals. There are several brands of shampoo that can be combined with essential oils like tea tree oil. An 8 ounces bottle should do for this recipe.

What you need to do:

Just use 10-15 drops of undiluted tea tree oil. Add this to the shampoo bottle that you have brought. Mix the contents well. Now your homemade shampoo is ready for use.  If you want it to be totally chemical free, try combining it with soap nuts shampoo.

Points to note:

Use Thursday Plantation tea tree oil sparingly as required for a particular condition. Also, check if you are allergic to tea tree before using it all over your scalp and hair.
Tea tree shampoo cleanses and moisturizes hair, fights the harmful effect of hair colors, dust and chemicals, promotes circulation and enhances hair sheen without any side effects. You could further customize the ingredients of it by adding other essential oils. Keep in mind your hair color, texture and density. Think about the condition of your scalp. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts about how to use tea tree oil shampoo for maximum benefits.

While tea tree shampoo gives out a nice aroma to generate a feeling of freshness after every bath, you could also use good tea tree soap while bathing to make sure your bath is a complete skin care ritual with the goodness of tea tree working well for you.

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Homemade Tea Tree Oil Shampoo