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The discovery of the tea tree as a solution for skin problems was made years ago by the Australian aborigines who handpicked the leaves and used the juice of the crushed leaves on their skin eruptions, burns and cuts. Sailors from the famous expedition by Captain Cook later made a sort of tea from these leaves, hence the name tea tree. But today, this plant is more famous for its cosmetically beneficial properties than its qualities as a beverage. Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is a common item in most household medicine cabinets. More people are looking for natural remedies for ailments, and it has carved a niche for itself as a natural antiseptic to treat trivial or moderate skin conditions.

Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is used today for treating a variety of skin problems such as acne, athlete’s foot, dandruff, toenail fungus, yeast infections, lice, burns, cuts, bruises, sunburns and lots more.  One other important application is to cure warts.

Many people have warts on their skin. They are nothing but small projections or bumps on various areas of the skin, usually caused by the human papilla virus. Though harmless, these minor bumps on the skin can get irritating at times. On the soles of the feet they can get annoying and painful because they are pressed all the time. Similarly, on other areas of the body they can be visually irritating and embarassing. Many people are prone to these warts and try everything to get rid of them, all in vain. But many others have used tea tree oil to successfully treat them.

It was mostly a fear of surgery and chemical solutions that made people look at tea tree oil as a remedy for warts. But it has been successful in treating warts in many cases. Though it might not offer a complete cure within a day, it still remains a top choice with many people. The general view is that there is nothing to lose in trying tea tree oil which is a natural remedy and causes no harmful side effects. It will definitely take some time to work the magic, but it will work!

If you are suffering from unwanted warts on any part of the body, you could try applying tea tree oil in appropriate quantity on the wart and the area surrounding the wart. Some people prefer drinking a concoction made by boiling the tea tree leaves, but when these are not available, dabbing on some tea tree oil regularly (two or three times a day) on the affected area helps. Be careful not to expose the wart when it is healing. You could try putting a plaster on the area after placing a cotton swab drenched in 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. Such a practice helps for faster healing of minor warts.  There are sldo tea tree oil pills available for consumption in order to get rid of plantar warts.

Complete freedom from a wart could take up to four weeks with regular usage of strong tea tree oil. All you need is some patience and persistence because you already have a naturally effective and painless cure for the warts.

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Tea Tree Oil for Removing Warts